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Apple Mac Support in North London

Got a problem and need straightforward Mac Support? We can help…

Whether you are a new Mac user or an expert, our Mac specialists are here to offer impartial advice and discuss your specific needs.

We have more than 25 years experience so you are in the safest hands.

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Back Up with Time Machine

Archiving your files and data must be a priority when you get a Mac. We make it a simple setup and at minimal cost. Come and have a quick chat and we’ll discuss your options and provide and easy solution for you.

Contacts & Calendar Sync

iCloud is a great way to sync your files and data across all Mac devices. Let us advise you how to get the best from Apples sync system.

Mac Security & Viruses

Reduce the risk of a serious breach of privacy when connected to the internet We’ll advice you how to be vigilant and get your Mac(s) secured so that you avoid nasties like  malware or viruses that may cause harm.

North London Mac Support and Advice

We can also help with a pre-arranged visit should you need on-site support in your home or office:

  • Applications crashing / freezing
  • Slow WiFi and connectivity issues
  • Backup & Time Machine Setup
  • Printing problems
  • iPhoto / Photos advice and support
  • Apple ID issues
  • iCloud / iCloud Family configurations
  • Audio Visual Installations such as Sonos, AirPlay & AppleTV configuration and setup

Here’s a handy tip for new Mac users in North London:

Make use of the Help menu

The Help menu should be your first point of call and it really is the easiest way to learn about your Mac. It even adapts to the app you’re using…
For example, if you’re in System Preferences, the Help menu shows information about your Mac settings and how to change them. If you’re in the Finder, the Help menu shows information about your Mac and its operating system, macOS.

We offer friendly and knowledgeable Apple Mac Support and Assistance in North London.

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