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Apple Keynote Livestream News Update – March 25th 2019


The latest keynote from Apple is scheduled for later today live in the Steve Jobs theatre at the Apple Park HQ in Cupertino, California. The invitations sent out recently were titled “Its Show Time” which rumours suggest they might indicate a new video streaming service to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video amongst others. Apple will unveil an Apple News subscription to access magazines and premium articles for a flat monthly fee. It’s claimed that we might also hear of a gaming subscription service. Unusually and only a week before the keynote event, Apple released hardware upgrades for several core models, including the iPad Air and mini, iMac and AirPods. It’s therefore probably unlikely that any new hardware changes will be announced. 


You can watch the event via livestream at the Apple website.

Remember that details are always sketchy and there are many rumours flying around leading up to these events.

What will be, will be!



Rest assured our team of expert independent Mac technicians at North London Mac Support are positive it will be a an interesting event to follow live and the only way to find out for sure what Apple will be offering us.

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